COVID19 Impact Questions

Posted on: March 30th, 2020 by Carolyn Masengale 3 Comments

Hello everyone,

I am gathering feedback fro how the COVID19 crisis is impacting different areas of care. If you could please take a moment to provide responses , they can be firs or second hand observations.

What is the current state in your ED?

· Is it inundated with COVID?

· Do you continue to see cardiac patients?

o If so, are they higher risk than normal, or no change?

· Pre-COVID: what % of your patients were cardiac related?

o Has that decreased?

o What % would you estimate now?

Patient Access:

· Are you currently offering telemedicine?

· Do you have any current plans on increasing patient awareness on telemedicine options?

Are your Cardiology clinics still seeing patients? (In clinic, telemedicine, or both?)

· How has your patient volume declined?

· For in clinic appointments, what is your “no show” rate?

3 Responses

  1. All great questions, Carolyn. I am not in the loop to offer feedback but will help to share your blog questions with others with hopes that feedback can reflect what is taking place in this area. Thanks for pushing this forward.

  2. Carolyn, I cannot address all of the questions in your survey, but want to share that I had a long conversation with a former nursing student that signed up to go to a hospital in NYC. She relayed some alarming news. In the Emergency Department, they had a nurse:patient ratio of 1:17. Patients could not be on ventilators as none were available. They resorted to BiPap and other techniques that aerosolizes the virus. Full protection was available in the Emergency Department, yet patients were in essence dying alone as no one was allowed in. She was hopeful that those dying did not know the horror of their environment.

    She shared more that was alarming and pointed out that what is being shared on the news is not addressing the true horror of some hospitals. We – in the community are on the front lines. Our nursing and health care colleagues in hospitals are more-or-less the last ditch effort to treat patients with COVID-19. It is a revealing dynamic that is yet to play out completely. Thanks for allowing me to share.