Drexel University

Doctors of Nursing Program Listing

Drexel University
1505 Race Street, Mail Stop 501
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Year of First Graduating Class: 2008
Number of Students per Annual Cohort: 15
Post MSN hours required: 48
BSN to DNP hours required: 90
Curriculum Delivery: Hybrid
Comments: The Drexel DrNP is a doctor of nursing practice degree, but it is a hybrid. It is modeled after the DrPH (Doctor of Public Health) and the PsyD (Psychology Doctorate) degrees, but it is an academic doctorate (similar to the PhD) in that a clinical dissertation is required. The clinical dissertation is scholarly and is generally completed in one year. It substantively contributes to our growing need for more evidence-based nursing practice and nursing science knowledge development, but differs in scope from a PhD dissertation.

DrNP classes are scheduled Wednesday starting at 2:30pm and the two classes end at 8:30pm.

We believe doctorally prepared clinical scholars should have more real exposure to global nursing practice issues. Therefore, every DrNP student spends two weeks in the spring quarter of the second year in London or Dublin and takes two courses. The cost (airfare, accommodations, field trips, insurance, subway pass, etc.) is built into the tuition as a DrNP International Study Fee and paid over 8 quarters.

Contacts: Gloria F. Donnelly Ph.D., RN, FAAN
Dean and Professor
215-762-4943H. Michael Dreher
Associate Professor