Evidence-based Primary Care to Treat People with Covid-19

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Thomas A. Sharon, DNP, MPH, APRN-BC proposes that primary care providers begin medical management at the time that a person is first found to be Covid-19 positive to find out who is at risk for the deadly response of hyperinflammation and coagulation abnormalities. Being told that most people survive without medical management does nothing to save lives. Finding out who is at risk for deadly complications will save many thousands.

Dr. Thomas A. Sharon is kind enough to share this article to share in the DNP Inc. online community. Thank you,  for your kindness.

Evidence-based Primary Care Approach to Treating People with Covid-19 Infection to Prevent Life-threatening Complications: A Review of the Evidence for Practical Application in a Clinical Setting

Thomas A. Sharon, DNP, MPH, APRN-BC
Adult and Gerontological Primary Care Nurse Practitioner

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