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Hello Avery,
I am sorry you have encountered a negative experience when telling your coworkers or other healthcare professionals that you were studying to earn your DNP degree. I can imagine how these conversations can make you feel hesitant. Despite this post being written since 2020, I hope you obtained your DNP degree.
I have received the same hesitation from friends, but surprisingly not from coworkers. My work institution has been very supportive from the beginning of my DNP career, especially being a full-time student and working full time. My unit director, administrators, healthcare professionals, and coworkers encouraged me to pursue this degree. Despite being a little overwhelmed some days, their constant positive remarks on my ability and worth helps me get through when I am stressed. When I have questions or concerns about a particular topic, I can easily discuss it with them. However, regarding my friends, they do not see the reason for me pursuing my education and knowledge and putting a pause on my life (ex: marriage, kids, and vacations). The way I see it, there is a time and place for everything. My views may not align with their life views, but obtaining my DNP degree is a huge asset for my education, leadership, research, and knowledge. People will have different opinions or negative comments on how a person does things in life, but we should not let their views deter us from our original goals. I wish you the best in your DNP career and hope you continue striving for all your goals!