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Hello Avery,

Thank you for bringing up this topic. It is exciting to know about my future job market and compensation. Even though DNP is the highest degree in nursing, it is still relatively new. According to the information from the Payscale, the most up-to-date salary for a DNP in California is approximately $121,000. However, location, specialty, and experience significantly determine the actual salary. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects an approximately 46% occupational growth rate in 10 years between 2021 and 2031. In addition, the job growth can be attributed to an aging population living longer with a wide range of comorbidities. Many nurses are also retiring. The shortage means the opportunities for DNP will grow even more. Likely, the salary for future DNP graduates will be higher along with demand. The salary is not significantly different between DNP and MSN degrees. However, the DNP degree may have more leadership and career research opportunities.