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I am currently a DNP student expecting to graduate in 2026. I knew I wanted to go for my DNP before I was even accepted into a bachelors of nursing science program. I needed a year of ICU experience for my program and started the DNP program as soon as I finished my year. I was also discouraged from getting my DNP. Most of my colleagues said that it was not necessary to earn the doctorate and that the masters programs would be faster and cheaper. This is a true statement however, no one ever asked me why I wanted to get my DNP. They simply state their opinions as if I asked for their advice or recommendations. I would never say to someone working on their masters , why wouldn’t you just go fo you doctorate? I also get asked very often “well why did you not just go to medical school.” I think all of this stems from a lack of respect for the DNP degree. Funny enough, no one I have spoken to who has a DNP degree, has ever said they wish they just got their masters instead. As a future DNP I am excited to educate my friends, patients, and colleagues about the importance of the degree and help advocate for our vital role of the healthcare team . 

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