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I think you are exactly right, as time goes on more and more people will obtain their DNP and the value of having one will be important. It is also interesting that you bring up that a difference between the Masters and the DNP (from the outside) is the title. I think people you are working with will know you have a DNP, but patients may never know. Especially because we couldn’t actually use the title “doctor”. On this forum, you can also read about the new bill (AB-765) and issues with using the title “doctor” in the clinical setting. I interviewed my advisor at school, and he said that both MSN and DNP nurses work and practice together seamlessly. He believes what sets you aside is the way you think about things, and how you are able to ask deeper questions. I also definitely agree we should be compensated more for having our doctorate. It makes sense with more education the salary would be higher. Not sure this is happening yet, but one day.