Graceland University

Doctors of Nursing Program Listing

Graceland University
1 University Place
Lamoni, IA 50140
Year of First Graduating Class: 2013
Number of Students per Annual Cohort: 17
Post MSN hours required: 22
BSN to DNP hours required: N/A
Curriculum Delivery: On-line only
Comments: The goal of our D.N.P. is to prepare nurses for advanced practice roles and as clinical scholars skilled in the translation of theory, research and other evidence into clinical practice, measurement of patient outcomes and transformation of health care systems to ensure quality and safety.

Request for additional information sent 12/1/11

The D.N.P. program outcomes reflect integration and application of the knowledge and skills obtained in the program. Therefore, at the completion of the D.N.P. program, the graduate will be prepared to:

Use relevant emerging technology to advance research, education and health outcomes.
Synthesize, interpret and apply knowledge from nursing practice, research and theory to create, implement and evaluate practice interventions, health delivery systems and clinical teaching.
Assume complex leadership roles at the organizational and systems level to improve health outcomes of individuals and populations.
Advocate for social justice, equality and ethical policies in health care.
Evaluate policy, care delivery and organizational systems for current and future health care for individuals, families and populations.

Contacts: Claudia D. Horton, Ph.D., RN
Dean, Professor of Nursing
Ph: 816.833.0524 ext. 4214
horton@graceland.eduJan Rice, Ph.D., RN
Associate Dean for Graduate Programs
Associate Professor of Nursing
Ph: 816.833.0524 ext. 4225