Hospital-Based Sotalol Rapid Loading Implementation Navigating Multidisciplinary Challenges

Luncheon Speakers


Samantha Firmstone, DNP(c), BASc, BSBM, RN, is a seasoned healthcare professional with diverse expertise spanning Medical Affairs, Clinical Operations, and Field Clinical Engineering in pharmaceutical and device sectors.  She has held pivotal roles like Medical Science Liaison and Regional Clinical Affairs Manager, showcasing adept leadership in driving strategic initiatives and cultivating collaborative ties within the medical realm.  Leveraging her extensive background in cardiology and electrophysiology, Samantha excels in supporting clinical development endeavors, aiding site identification, trial recruitment, and nurturing relationships with key opinion leaders.  Previously at Abbott, she contributed significantly to diagnosing and treating cardiac arrhythmias.  Prior to this, she served in the pediatric CVICU, caring for critically ill patients with congenital heart defects.  With a strong nursing foundation from institutions like St. David’s Medical Center and Northside Hospital, Samantha holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Magna Cum Laude) and an Associate Degree in Nursing from St. Petersburg College, and she’s currently pursuing a Doctor of Nursing Practice at Franklin University.


Dr. Orlando A. Granado-Balaez, DNP, MSN, BSN, ADN, is a seasoned healthcare leader with extensive experience across diverse domains of the pharmaceutical industry.  Currently serving as the National Director of Medical Affairs at AltaThera, he plays a pivotal role in shaping the strategic trajectory of the Medical Affairs division.  Dr. Granado-Balaez leverages his expertise in forging cohesive interdisciplinary teams and aligning medical strategies with corporate goals.  Holding a Doctor of Nursing Practice from the University of Miami, he seamlessly merges clinical proficiency with leadership acumen, as demonstrated in previous roles including Associate Director of Medical Affairs and Senior Medical Science Liaison.  Before transitioning into Medical Affairs, Dr. Granado-Balaez showcased his dedication to patient care and clinical excellence in various nursing capacities, notably as the Liver & Intestine Transplant Manager at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.  Renowned for his commitment to advancing healthcare outcomes and adept navigation of intricate healthcare landscapes, he holds board certifications as a Medical Science Liaison and a Nurse Executive, alongside being a licensed Registered Nurse in Florida.