Advertising – Sponsoring – Exhibiting – and Career Listing Opportunities

Doctors of Nursing Practice, Inc. is the premier organization that supports the growth of doctoral prepared nurses. Organizational expansion includes the Academy of Doctoral Prepared Nurses as this broadens the scope of doctoral prepared nurses with the same mission and goal of improving health care outcomes.

Doctors of Nursing Practice, Inc. and the Academy of Doctoral Prepared Nurses are growing into an international voice to improve health care outcomes.

Reach professional nursing leaders in academia, practice, administration, policy, informatics, and research – all dedicated to improving healthcare outcomes. Participants and members are international with most from the United States and Canada. The international expansion continues into mostly English-speaking countries.

Opportunities to advertise can include any combination of the following options:

Sponsoring conferences, webinars, and continuing education are all vehicles to expand our nursing profession as this is an investment for the future.

OUTCOMES is the monthly, online newsletter for and about improving health care outcomes including articles, links, posts from authors of a wide range of talents,

Advertise your product, service, or university on the DNP website. Reach customers with competitive rates including an ad placement to share your company’s message.

Make the most of this online resource dedicated to promoting doctoral prepared nurses in your organization. Display an ad that attracts experts to grow your business.