Digital Poster Presentations 2019

2019 Digital Poster Presentations in Alphabetical Order by Primary Author

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Effects of Teach-Back Method of Education on Knowledge of Heart Failure Self-Management and Post-Discharge Knowledge Retention

CE Value 0.10

Ama Awuah-Asamoah, DNP, ACNP
Karen Kesten, DNP, APRN

Nursing Practice Breakdowns: Will We Ever Have a Just Culture?

CE Value 0.10

Serena Bumpus, DNP, RN

Does Dementia with Dysphagia Increase the Incidence of Aspiration Pneumonia in Long-term Care Residents Aged 65 years and Greater?

CE Value 0.10

Lois M. Chappell, DNP, CRNP

Targeted Education to Improve Delirium Screening Among Neuroscience Patients

CE Value 0.10

Kim P. Dube, DNP, AGACNP
Elizabeth E. Friberg, DNP, RN
William C. Lombardi, DNP, AGACNP
Regina M. DeGennaro, DNP, RN

Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral to Treatment, as a Harm Reduction Process Improvement Approach for At-Risk College Students

CE Value 0.10

Karen V. Duhamel, DNP, RN

Implementation of an Expedited Handoff Process to Reduce Emergency Department Length of Stay for Critically Ill Patients

CE Value 0.10

Darryn W. Dunbar, DNP, RN

Is it Time for the Addition of the "4th P" to Advanced Practice Nursing Curricula?

CE Value 0.10

Darryn W. Dunbar, DNP, RN
Timian M. Godfrey, DNP, APN
Marianne K. Schallmo, DNP, APN
Rita F. D’Aoust, PhD, APN

Lung Cancer Screening

CE Value 0.10

Diane Kostrey Horner, DNP, APRN

See Psychiatric Clients as a DNP, PMHNP-BC in a Clinic Setting

CE Value 0.10

Diana L. O’Neil, DNP, PMHNP
Marisa L. Wilson, DNSc, RN