Gabriela Baker

This discussion post really speaks to me regarding the current COVID-19 shelter in place order that we are still undergoing. It has been about a month and a half since my husband and I have decided to socially distance. Being an introvert has helped my husband to better cope with the shelter in place order. He has become comfortable staying indoors and finding ways to keep entertained. I however, find myself yearning to be outside, even if its just in my yard. I’m sure many Americans are feeling just like we are, and learning to cope with social distancing. After 9/11, many of the traveling laws changed and restrictions happened to ensure our safety. The same is happening now to ensure the public safety. Online shopping has boomed since the shelter in place order. It makes me wonder what stores will look like once they have reopened? Will many people continue to do online shopping because of it’s convenience, and how will this impact local shops? I’m sure that the future of shopping will be changed due to this virus. Also the fear of contamination and infection will be more presently on our minds whenever we see someone in public who is ill. Will this virus impact public health rules for the future, as far as anyone feeling ill will be required to wear a mask in public. All these things we anxiously await while riding out the COVID-19 crisis.