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Linh Tran

This topic by Mark Lawrence Schrad touches me on a different note. With this pandemic that is catastrophic in the Unites States compared to elsewhere, working in frontlines in a developed nation, it does make us wonder where did we go wrong, and about how can we educate community and prepare ourselves better for the future events. Back in march when the first cases were announced, California went into quarantine “shut down” stage, healthcare workers were praised as heroes for their commitment for patients care. Behind those appraisals were healthcare workers’ fear about entering a “war zone” we did not sign up for, not having enough protected personal equipments, and potential of brining harm home to our loved ones. The battle and patriotic act that we do were outfar for anything we would ever imagine would happen in our professional lifetime. Eventually, we had nurse managers at a New York most-hit hospital confirmed Covid death, and a NYC physician committed suicide. The patriotic act is such a graceful word to describe the chaos and pain we feel having colleagues admitted with Covid, of management not having enough governmental support for supplies, and lastly of how the community are not educated enough to trust the professionals at preventive stages. We are the top among developed countries with the most advanced healthcare system and military weapons, yet we are also the number one nation in confirmed cases. Let that sink in. So as DNP leaders, what patriotic feeling brings you about changes in your personal commitment to patient practice and changes to our healthcare system?