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Patricia Boyle

Just like in any job setting it would be appropriate to compensate the advanced practice Nurse for education completed. As California turns toward independent nurse practitioners, and the public becomes more educated on their patient rights, I believe there will be more patients that pay attention and choose DNP‘s. This will increase the demand of doctorate prepared nurse practitioners thus increasing our salary or compensation. The reality is that no position as a nurse is 100% equal in salary to those around them whether in the same hospital or a different facility. I have learned over the years that typically higher pay is not always a compensation or reflection on work completed. Although it would be nice to be compensated monetarily for work completed we have chosen a profession where most of the days our payment is through the smile and health of our patients. It is necessary to continue to advocate for nurse practitioners to become doctorate prepared so that horizontal violence from other practitioners is a thing of the past. Personally speaking, now that California passed the bill that will allow nurse practitioners to be independent, our work will be compensated the same as a physician. As a mental health nurse practitioner I will be competing with other psychiatrists for patients and monetary compensation. Therefore there will be no need to compete or compare myself with other nurse practitioners, no matter their degree completed, because the consumer the patient will be deciding and paying me for service. I can guarantee that my services and care provider will be superior to that of a master degree Mental health nurse practitioner and I will continue to advocate to other practitioners to obtain a doctorate.