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Carolyn Ann Wilder

The topic of salary and compensation for nursing professionals will continue to be a discussion of considerable interest. If we look at those employed in business or medicine in comparison to those in the nursing profession we see hierarchal patterns with increased income potential and benefits. For example, in business we have staff, supervisor, manager, director, vice president, president, and CEO. In the medical profession we have medical student, intern, resident, fellow, and attending. To some degree this is also the case for nursing yet the structure varies because nursing has a variety of degree levels from LVN, ADN, BSN, MSN, APN, and PhD. As with other professions, it only makes sense that as education and career advancements occur, so should the salary and benefits. Yet, perhaps the DNP is still in its infancy and so the value viewed by society, medical facilities, and the nursing profession is limited at this point and will continue to grow as more become educated on the benefits of the DNP as the terminal practice degree for nursing. Similarly, as education about what the DNP is and does will increase interest in the degree and as healthcare continues to evolve in the United States the demand for equality of care and access to care will increase the demand for DNP practice. These and other advancements will aid in increasing the presence of the DNP and therefore, salaries and benefits of the DNP.