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Carolyn Ann Wilder

I have not personally encountered anything like this but have heard from a close friend who is a DNP that she experienced being marginalized both prior to obtaining her DNP degree and afterwards. She worked to educate others about her role, her education, and what she could contribute to the team. It took time, repeated engagements, flexibility, and understanding on her part, but now she is very much a part of the team. I find this has been also the case for Nurse Practitioners I know and work with. Many people, in a wide range of professions, do not have enough information about the DNP to be able to make an accurate assessment of its value and need in healthcare. Hasn’t this been part of the struggle of nursing since its inception? We have pushed against barriers, regulations, laws, marginalization and yet, we have continued to be strengthened and persevere in the times of repeated challenge and have proved repeatedly that nursing is the most trusted profession in the United States. I think the best thing we can do it be patient, educate others, and demonstrate our worth.