Savannah Sharp

These are very thought-provoking words! Or at least they were for me! It is interesting to think about how the COVID-19 pandemic will impact humanity in the future. As it is now, everyone is caught up in trying to figure out how it affects everyone in the world at the present moment and worrying about the effects of the pandemic in the future seems unnecessary at this time (especially with the new variants showing up). However, I think there will definitely be some long-term effects that humanity will have to deal with in the after math of COVID-19. I for one have also found myself feeling uncomfortable in enclosed spaces, traveling by plane, entering other countries, and physically touching people that I do not know well (like shaking hands or hugging). I was never uncomfortable by these things before COVID-19! Every time I hear someone sneeze or cough, I automatically think about how I can distance myself from that person and fight the urge to wash my hands and cover my nose and mouth with a face mask. I have also asked myself the same question as the author of this post, “Is there any good reason to do this in person?” when thinking about class meetings and work meetings. I have become accustomed to doing these things online via Zoom not only from the comfort of my own home, but also in the comfort of knowing that I have less physical contact with others during this scary time. I am wondering if I will now forever have these thoughts and feelings or if they will fade away with time and eventually go back to the way things used to be pre- COVID.My hope is that they will fade away!