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Sintya Sintya

Hi Avery,
I actually have been in your boat before where they questioned why I decided to pursue my DNP degree. It’s mostly coming from my coworkers or other healthcare professionals. As someone who’s a pretty new nurse I often understand why they would ask questions as to why I would jump into getting my DNP degree right away instead of getting experience first and other things. I get where they’re concerns are coming from but I do not let that get into me. I am grateful that I am in a program where it allows me to jump into the program while getting my experience at the same time. It allows me to grow as a nurse while preparing me to become a future practitioner. Similarly exhausting questions on the other hand, others would ask me why I decided to become a DNP instead of going to medical school or become a physician assistant instead? Of course I gave them my reasoning as to why I chose to become a DNP. Remind and reinforce them of the merits of the DNP and why it is essential to the future of healthcare. However, I think the reason others ask these questions for me is to discourage me in pursuing a higher degree and what I love instead of trying to encourage me to become something bigger and better in life.When you dream big, some people just see the magnitude and enormousness of your dreams and goals as way too threatening to them. My suggestion for you is to keep your head up and don’t listen to all of the negativity that people give to you. If DNP is what you love, pursue your dream until the end. Become a DNP provider where you can help educate others the importance of DNP role while doing the things you love! Best of luck!