“The personal becomes dangerous” thoughts remind us of our history, not only as healthcare providers but also about the vulnerability the human race faces. The moment someone thinks is safe can be the most vulnerable moment in their life. The events on 9/11 and the flu pandemic of 1918, as well as the 2008 economic crisis, are great examples to teach us about the vulnerability we all faced. Nowadays, touching things, breathing the air in an enclosed space, and even being around some people can be risky. It is events such as the recent pandemic that call us to redefine our socials life, our social skills, what is acceptable in society, what to expect in a formal interview, and the professional protocols; everything is constantly changing and being redefined. The “normal” has changed to the “new normal”. In-person it is not required for issues and events such as going to the doctor, assessments can be done online, through messages, and through video. With the pandemic, the world was forced to change; whether people were ready or not, whether the world wanted or not, changes needed to be made to save the world. The thoughts on “The personal becomes dangerous” remind us that yet vulnerability will always be present, resilient, and the ability to adapt can always provide a new way.