Jorge Mesa

The COVID 19 pandemic has revealed a series of significant strengths and weaknesses of some of our current programs and services. The article’s author makes an excellent point about the lack of a safety net to help families and individuals in need of child and elderly care. The creation of a fund to help support the child and elderly care sounds like an excellent idea. However, before developing a new program, current programs at a federal and state should be evaluated, expanded, and amended accordingly to provide family and caregivers the resources needed. The program should include support in education and counseling, not only to the caregiver but also for family members to help deal with the adjustment and new challenges. Many services for children and young adults have been provided via the school system; with COVID, some of these services have been suspended, directly impacting these groups. Providing funds and the structure so specific services can continue to be provided. Safety net programs need to be extensive and comprehensive to provide the needed services and support for each member of society. It is important to provide services for caregivers. Still, it is also important to include medical services and other services to ensure the basic needs are provided during times of need.