This still holds true value two years from the start of the pandemic. Many people have become more self-conscious about meeting others in person now. This brings much awareness to the community about how something can spread so easily through common social interaction. With this instance going on, many have become scared to go outside as they are afraid of contracting an unwanted illness. In fact, this brings social anxiety and claustrophobia to greater levels as people will become unfamiliar with social interaction as they have not done much in the last few years. I agree that COVID19 has definitely impacted society as a whole and how it affected the entire world’s way of doing things. The area of social interaction has changed immensely from in-person to online. There are many pros and cons for this as we are able to communicate with multiple people at one time but we are not able to physically see or meet people in person. This allows us to connect with more people but probably leaves out feelings of emotions as we lose real-time interaction.