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Xochitl Torres

Hello Carol, I like your project. I hope you have seen progress in creating a DNP pathway into public health. I believe one of the biggest strategies to move forward in the middle of a chronic disease crisis is to include more health education and promotion into clinical practice. Chronic diseases have long been the leading causes of death and disability. There is no doubt that the current health care system needs to adapt to be able to see a shift into the rapid increased on mental health, obesity, heart disease, cancer, respiratory illness to mentioned a few. There is a critical need to develop and cultivate new knowledge and skill sets among health care professionals. Health care professionals are natural educators and caregivers; thus, there should be opportunity to get trained on health education and lifestyle modifications and public health strategies to assist patients in their recovery of health. The ongoing coronavirus disease 2019, (COVID-19) pandemic, has worsen the overall state of health among the population and has saturated health services, leaving those with chronic disease in a worse state. A program targeting primary care clinicians, like the one you are interested, can make a difference in reducing chronic illness.