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Alma Rodriguez

Good day,
I found the Keeping COVID-19 Acute Cardiovascular Effects Top of Mind very insightful. Working in a cardiac ICU I found it very interesting to read how COVID has not only affected the respiratory system but has had an impact on the cardiac as well. At the beginning of COVID I remember encountering multiple patients that had critical cardiac symptoms, surgeries and poor prognosis. This doesn’t seem abnormal for a cardiac unit, however, at some point it felt that there was a wave of heart attacks, new onset heart problems, and now as we learn more about COVID, I realize that it wasn’t only because patients were delaying their trips to the hospital in fear of catching COVID, but because of COVID itself causing cardiovascular issues as well. ECMO appears to be successful in certain COVID patients, in some cases i have seen these patients get transfer while on ECMO to receive a lung transplant. As COVID becomes something we are still encountering, it is crucial that we continue to learn more about the different effects this virus has on the body, especially on our cardiovascular system. Thank you for sharing this information from the AACCN.