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Steven Watson

Hello, and thank you DNP Inc. and Dr. Linda Roussell for making this information available, I especially appreciate the article Quality Improvement Primer. I am just starting my DNP education and have previously been trained in 6 Sigma Process Improvement methods. I found this interesting and a good refresher though from a different perspective. One thing in the article that jumped out at me was the table differentiating measurements for research and measurements for learning and Process Improvement. I am currently learning about the history and development of Advanced Practice RN’s and their journey through various academic preparation. Some of the differences between a research-focused Ph.D. and a practice-focused DNP are really highlighted in that one table, and it has reinforced the type of data, measures, and outcomes I should be utilizing moving forward. I also liked the 9 points to developing a measurement plan, it is very clear and an important step in the planning process of any PI project. Defining the types of outcomes, and suggesting the measurement of multiple outcomes to demonstrate the project’s effect on the system I think was a very good idea also. After all, if you can’t measure it and demonstrate results, either way, that doesn’t fit the definition of Evidence-based. I will definitely be sharing some of these suggestions for QI/PI projects with my colleagues.