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Brittanee Dominick

The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree not only provides education for the APRN to function as an independent advanced care provider, but the education involved in the doctoral degree prepares the advanced practice practitioner to be a leader in their field, to make changes in policies and academia, and allows them the autonomy to be change agents in the field of nursing as a whole. This increases the fortitude and value of the DNP in healthcare. With practice-led education, the DNP graduate not only can independently diagnose and treat a patient from start to finish, the DNP graduate can also participate in other aspects of healthcare, and contribute to positive changes through evidence-based practice. Overall, the terminal degree for the APRN, the DNP not only provides more autonomy for the advanced practitioner, but creates safer working environments for patients, with motivated and educated healthcare practitioners working with the public. In regards to compensation, the DNP graduate should be compensated appropriately based on their education and contribution to the healthcare world, which is tremendous.