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Dannielle Ivey

Hi Avery,
I think you raise a good point about compensation, for DNP graduates. In my opinion, those with the DNP that have passed their national certification exam should be competitively compensated. A Doctoral prepared APRN is the terminal degree in nursing so in my mind they should have a higher rate of pay than a masters prepared (MSN) APRN performing in the same roll. However most institutions I believe do not acknowledge the distinction and will offer the same compensation for a DNP and MSN because if the role can be filled by either graduate. This is unfortunate but the reality of institutions trying to save a buck. In most cases the DNP graduate brings more clinical experience, along with systems assessment skills, policy and practice ability and evidence based practice knowledge to a role than what a MSN- prepared APRN would bring. Another observation I have in favor of the DNP receiving higher wages is that their may be less motivation for graduate nursing students to complete a DNP over an MSN degree if there is no difference in compensation.