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Rafael Cruzado

Hi Avery,
Please do not be discouraged! I am sorry you have negative feedback from other people about your determination to go back to school. This is your journey, and you should choose to enjoy it. In my personal experience, I can share that I work for a teaching institution where learning is always encouraged and celebrated. When I decided to go back to school, I shared it with co-workers and family. I did not receive one negative comment about it, but only words of encouragement and support. It took me several years to decide to go back to school, then the pandemic came, and I had to put it off for some time before applying for the program I am in now. The first word of support came from a former preceptor who wrote a recommendation letter. When I received the acceptance letter from the school, this former preceptor was happier for me than myself. In the end, this is your journey, so share your struggles with people who care about you, not the ones who might envy you or feel stagnant with their own lives. I hope this helps and by now you are continuing with your schooling.
Best wishes!