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Rafael Cruzado

Hi Carol,
Great question! As Susan stated on this forum, public health is not a population/area considered by the Consensus Model yet. Hopefully, it will be considered in the future. My DNP trach is psych, and I can see a relationship between public health and psych working together to better outreach the population in our communities. At present, psych is underdiagnosed, underserved, and highly stigmatized. The covid-19 pandemic has only evidenced the need for more attention to mental health in our society. I see the opportunity to develop a DNP workforce that is more accessible to the population via home health.
On the other hand, chronic health issues like diabetes, congestive heart failure, asthma, teens’ health, and sexually transmitted infection prevention are just a few areas of concentration to create a DNP pathway. Education like lifestyle changes is a vital element for the success of such initiatives. Another area requiring immediate attention is gerontology; with the Baby Boomers generation aging as a group, the need to provide adequate specialized healthcare will be an excellent opportunity for DNPs and healthcare professionals to intervene. Thank you for inquiring about this topic, and I wish you the best of luck in your efforts to help your university.