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Rafael Cruzado

Thank you for the great amount of information on the covid crisis. Your topic was introduced at the very beginning of the pandemic. A lot of water under the bridge! It has been almost two years since the pandemic started, and all these articles and resources are still current and extremely helpful. I remember when all this nightmare started, we nurses were in fear and clueless about what we were dealing with. I remember almost all covid ICU patients with respiratory difficulty were intubated as a first-hand intervention. It soon changed to delay intubation as much as the patient could take it given the bad outcomes obtained from immediate intubation as a first-hand intervention. Then proning the patients was introduced with its challenges on putting a team together composed of doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, and CNAs in super cluttered rooms. This pandemic unveiled our healthcare systems deficiencies such as nursing short staffing and lack of appropriate amounts of personal protective equipment. I hope this brings awareness in our medical institutions and ruling bodies of being prepared for future similar events in the world since globalization only makes us more exposed to crises like the covid one. Thank you for sharing.