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APRNs who go through a rigorous doctorate program, complete a DNP project and graduate as doctors should be allowed to use the title doctor or Dr. because they have truly earned that title. The same applies to individuals with a Ph.D., DPT, PharmD, PsyD, DC, etc. However, it is crucial that those individuals also clarify to their patients that they are not physicians (MD or DO). For example, a family nurse practitioner with a DNP would say that they are Dr. Jane Doe, a family nurse practitioner, so it is apparent to the patient that they are not a medical doctor. More and more people are pursuing higher education and should be allowed to state their titles loud and proud. If individuals introduce themselves appropriately and clearly for patients to understand, patients will not be confused, nor will it interfere with the care provided. As a future DNP graduate, I look forward to sharing my earned degree and professional identification with my patients, the community, and so on. As DNP graduates, we must come together to speak up and share more about our doctoral education with the public since many people may not be familiar with the DNP degree and its role in nursing. Thank you for creating this post!