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Hello Madeline,

I appreciate your reply. From having conversations with the DNPs that I work with, I was also told that they were compensated based on the education received and their years of experience. I believe there is also funding for perusing a higher education in the clinic I work in, and they encourage their nurses to explore the possibilities of growing and continuing their education. I agree with your position, if the individual has acquired a higher degree than when previously hired, they should be compensated based on their newly obtained degree, as the years of experience accumulate the organization can choose to compensate accordingly. As a graduate student, I have quickly realized that pursuing an education while working can become not only financially expensive but also somewhat tiring to the individual which is why I believe appropriate compensation should be given. Furthermore, if the newly graduated DNP is now able to provide more specialized care to their patients they should be compensated for the increase in their scope of practice and recognized as an integral part of the interdisciplinary team.