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Kevin Kim

As a resident of California, it was interesting to see how low we were in the rankings compared to the rest of the state. I am curious to see if the size of the state plays a major role in the overall score. I did notice that the top 3 states did have smaller land masses compared to the other states. I was attempting to identify a pattern such as higher costs resulting in better patient outcomes but that did not seem to be the case either. Although this article shows the research of the states I would like to see the results of the cities/counties with the best healthcare outcomes as well. Considering that New York, California, and other states have major cities I wonder if they would have better rankings than the overall state. The research utilized key factors such as cost, access, and outcomes. The U.S. healthcare system has always been seen in a negative light compared to other major global powers. Although these rankings of the the U.S. States provides important insight into our healthcare system, I feel we should also see how we stand globally to really get perspective on how efficient the system is.