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Wow, this is so disheartening to hear. Sadly, I believe these comments come from a bit of ignorance. As difficult as it is to hear these comments, I feel these conversations position the DNP hopeful well to inform others and take steps to change this mentality. I am pursuing a master’s degree in nursing administration and often I get the other side of that insult, people seem surprised that I would “only” be obtaining a master’s degree and not going “all the way” to be prepared at the doctoral level. I think what is important is that each one of us knows what our goals are and knows how to obtain the education we need to meet those goals. Also, we can expect others to not understand our situation from where they sit. We need to embrace these discussions and see them as an opportunity to help others have a new perspective and better understanding of the big picture. The reality is, we need nurses on all educational levels to complete the work and the journey is different and unique for each one of us. My hope is we can embrace and support one another to advance our profession to new levels together.