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Hello Susan,

I’m currently a DNP student in California. I think gatekeeping the title of “doctor” is frustrating, and not being able to use the title despite the education and experience being put into a higher degree is heartbreaking. From what I can see through the California legislative website regarding California AB 765, the bill is for amending current law. Most of the content of California AB 765 already exists under the Business And Professions Code, Division 2, Chapter 5, Article 3, 2054. This legislation was effective January 1, 2018. However, I am just delving into the topic, so if I need clarification on the bill, I’m open to learning more.

To add to my feelings on the topic, if the main issue, as implied by the bill, is the misrepresentation of position, it should be fine to follow up with our professional designation after our name on introductions, documentation, and badges. According to the 2014 Pearson report, that’s how it used to be in California. However, from the current legislation’s language, I wonder if it changed at some point. I wonder why policymakers and proponents of this legislation felt this needed to be changed if it has. I hope as healthcare continues to change in the future, this issue also resolves as interdisciplinary teams work to support each other.