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Thank you for sharing this bill that would directly affect our practice. I understand the patients’ predicament when trying to find a healthcare provider due to the multitude of credentials that can be confusing. The different letters attached to a an individual’s name represent varying levels of education, which can lead to uncertainty about the provider’s specific qualifications. Nevertheless, as providers this risk can be easily minimized by openly showcasing our credentials in our workplace. Displaying our qualifications on name badges and during interactions with patients can help establish trust and transparency. My inclination is to believe this bill was intended to penalize individuals who use the listed titles to intentionally mislead patients and abuse their trust. I adamantly support any legislature that prohibits the violation of sacred trust that is bestowed upon us by the community. With that being said, the title “doctor” is given to individuals who have completed a doctoral program in their field of practice, not just in medicine. Patients need to receive proper education about the precise meaning of terminologies and be guided to verify their providers’ credentials. This will ensure that patients have a comprehensive understanding of their healthcare professionals’ qualifications and not solely rely on the titles they hold.