Thank you for posting the State DNP education report of 2022. This is a great resource to keep tabs on how the DNP degree is being developed and utilized in the workplace. In terms of preceptorship in DNP programs, 69% of DNP programs did not maintain contractual clinical site partnerships. This number is concerning because it forces students to take what they can when it comes to clinical practice/training. I know people who are buying their credit hours by paying NPs and MDs because they cannot find a clinical site that will take them in. One cannot assess for quality training when there is no relationship between the school and the preceptor. This is also reflected in the employers’ suggestion on changing the perceived value of a DNP degree. The program should be made more rigorous, make sure DNP graduates are able to demonstrate distinct qualifications, and promote DNP by clearly explaining and defining the difference between MSN and DNP. They also suggested limiting number of online programs, which means that the schools need to be more hands on with the students. In order for DNP nurses to become more verbal about their skillsets and value, we first need to be confident in what we know and what we can do.