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Hello Avery,

This is a valid topic to discuss about so thank you for bringing this up. A doctorate in nursing is the highest degree available. However, most of the master degree nurse practitioners get paid on the same scale as doctorate nurse practitioners. There are some states that have nurse practitioners practice independently and in this case they can earn more. The idea behind this is similar to the fact that there aren’t wage difference between ADN and BSN nurses. Obtaining a BSN only allows more opportunities for higher earning such as being involved with management or working as an educator. By obtaining a doctorate, the APRN has many opportunities to be involved with research, policy changes and provide leadership in both clinical and academic setting. I do think that doctorate should be paid more but it is more dependent on the area they work in and the expertise they carry through experience. Another factor to consider is that NPs get paid more in rural areas where the need is greater. Also in more developed areas, there can be a saturation of NPs that causes many NPs to work as a bedside RN until they are able to find NP positions. As more DNPs are arising, I hope that we can influence more changes to health policies and that the value of the DNP will increase.