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Hi Avery, I am so sorry for all the negative feedback you have received from coworkers and classmates when you mentioned that you are studying to earn your Doctorate in Nursing Practice. I identify with you. I have received negative comments about pursuing a DNP degree as well. I am so happy that I got into the DNP program. Our hospital offers reasonable tuition reimbursement and additional financial aid when classes are taken in their school. I am sorry you didn’t receive a positive reception from your co-workers. I encourage you to pursue your dreams because they are your life and future.

Becoming an advanced practice nurse with a DNP degree improves patient care and advances our nursing profession. As DNPs in clinical practice, we can reduce the workload of primary care doctors and allow more access to healthcare for different patient populations. Since the U.S. has the poorest performance on access to care. As DNPs in education, we can be essential in educating future nurses. The advantages of DNP educators include practical knowledge of nursing, a focus on applying evidence-based practice, and education and experience in nursing leadership. The DNP can prepare nursing students for the rigors and challenges of nurse leadership roles. As DNPs in administration and executive positions, many outstanding opportunities exist for the DNP to shape healthcare policy and advocate for patients through professional nursing organizations. We can collaborate with different organizations to improve public health and healthcare policy at the state, federal, and international levels.

As you can see, Avery, some people may not understand the potential of the DNPs and what impact we can make shortly, which may be why they opposed the idea of earning a DNP. Your decision to continue your education and pursue a DNP degree is something to be proud of. And what we can do as DNP candidates is to educate our colleagues about the impact we can make in the future as DNP graduates. They will see that the APRN can be an influential collaborator and resource in the workplace. I wish you the best of luck in earning a DNP. Thanks for sharing.