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DNP-prepared APRNs stand out because it is a terminal degree. I have interviewed A DNP FNP who initially had her master’s. She shared that going through a DNP program allowed her to go even more in-depth with research and her research skills. Just this alone brings so much value to the DNP-prepared APRN because we see that the IOM’s report addresses current healthcare-related illnesses or injuries. Injuries in healthcare are 100% preventable if one is prepared with the experience and the knowledge to combat current and evolving healthcare complexities. A DNP program allows the already experienced nurses to take their education and knowledge to the ultimate step. This will not only prepare the APRN, but it will also allow for safe practice. In addition, there is a new bill in California, where I currently practice as a registered nurse, AB890. This bill will allow APRNs to practice independently and even open their practice. I do not know how it is in other states where this is already the case, but in California it is new. With this being said, I believe DNP-APRNs should have better compensation as independent providers.