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Hi Avery,

First, I am so sorry that you had to go through the discouragement when you’re trying to step closer to pursuing your dream goal in your career. I would be devastated if someone were to show negativity towards me. Fortunately, my co-workers have been encouraging with positive responses to me when I mentioned that I started DNP school. I feel like many nurses are trying to go to graduate school nowadays, so many nurses around me are rather encouraging than discouraging. It’s not as rare as it was before I should say. The majority of the nurses in the unit I work in are around the same age as I am (20s or early 30s), and they also have an idea that they want to go back to school. My nurse manager is actually also going to the same graduate school as I do, so she has been very encouraging as well. She actually offered me the day shift position because she thought it’d be better for me to work days rather than nights when I’m in school. One reason I do feel hesitant to openly mention that I am in school is that while the majority of nurses are in the early stages of our careers as nurses, there are those who have been working as RNs for many years. It does feel awkward to mention that I go to graduate school when I’ve only worked as a nurse a little over a year while they are more experienced than I am and have been working as nurses for 20-30+ years. They are very encouraging and happy for me that I am pursuing my career goal, but I just feel that way for some reason. But I believe that everyone has their own timings of what they want to accomplish in their careers! I hope you’re doing well if you’re still in graduate school, and don’t let others discourage you!