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Hello Jennifer,

I know ChatGPT is a trending AI tool that performs many specific natural language processing tasks. Many people utilize this tool to ask questions, summarize articles, and many more. As you mentioned, it may be harmful because of the possibility that it can provide wrong information to us, but I think the opposite. I think that Chat GPT can answer a wide variety of questions as well as a knowledgeable person most of the time. The data set used for training ChatGPT consists of more than 145 million dialogues scarped from various social media and online knowledge bases. Also, it cleans up such text data as spam, offensive language, low-quality content, and so on. I feel like a bigger issue of using ChatGPT consists of ethical issues, such as asking ChatGPT for article writing, homework assignments, or plagiarism. But if we utilize this search engine correctly, I believe that it’ll be a better gain for us than harm.