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Becoming a DNP is valuable because of their autonomy in diagnosing and treating patients holistically. DNPs can be in many different roles as educators or healthcare providers, and there are many specialties where DNPs can work. A doctorate level of education helps DNPs become leaders in the healthcare field and become resources to not only their patients but healthcare professionals as well. Nurses and other healthcare professionals can utilize DNPs as they have a wealth of knowledge from their rigorous years of education. Nurses should continue to be encouraged to go to DNP school to help them grow their skills and become leaders in the healthcare field. Doctors of Nursing Practice providers are able to help improve access to care as well. The increased amount of DNPs can help with the healthcare provider shortage and help increase accessible care for patients. As leaders in the healthcare field, DNPs have many different areas in which to specialize. There is always room for more healthcare providers to improve access to care for patients and provide high-quality patient-centered care in a clinical setting. There are many different options in what areas of care the DNP would like to focus on, and that is one of the many strengths of becoming a DNP.