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As technology advances, it is important to consider how the healthcare system needs to evolve and improve to meet patient needs. There are always ways that the healthcare system can improve and it makes one think how utilizing technology could improve patient outcomes. Telehealth and other technology have been used to help improve patient outcomes and increase access to health care. ChatGPT and AI are relatively new technologies that have become more prevalent and healthcare workers are beginning to wonder if it is necessary to include them in the healthcare system. As a DNP student, there was an assignment in one of my classes on asking ChatGPT to quiz you on a nursing topic to help quiz for material that was learned in class. This was a great way to integrate ChatGPT technology into the educational system. ChatGPT can be used in this way in DNP education. ChatGPT may have yet to have credible sources, but it is a great AI tool that can be used to help quiz DNP students on educational material that they have reviewed from textbooks and lectures. I never expected a professor to use ChatGPT in this way, but after utilizing it myself, I realized that this is a good way for DNP students to use this AI tool.