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The issue of doctor title has come up in my DNP course. If this issue had not come to my attention, I would not have known that it was against the law to use the Dr. title. It is mind boggling that it has gotten to this point where there has to be a law restricting the use of the title. It is a very difficult conversation, as I can see both sides of the debate. I can see how it is confusing for the patient to see a white lab coat and the Dr. initials or refer to the Nurse Practitioner as Doctor. It seems as though the Medical Board is going way over board with the title. I do think that all DNP Nurse Practitioners should make the distinction of being a nurse and not a Physician. Doctorate APRN’s have earned the degree title of “Doctor” similar to every other doctorate such as physical therapy, dentist, pharmacist, psychologists or therapists. I believe it depends on the field in which we are working in. I actually have never heard of a PT in the hospital and even outpatient refer to themselves as doctor. I do believe an individual who has earned the title should be able to refer to themselves as doctor. This is just one indicator that advance practice nurses should be involved in legislator and have a voice in the laws that are being passed.