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    Reading through this article, I found it so fascinating how within the San Francisco Bay area, many hospitals were founded through their respective ethnic groups. Being an immigrant myself, I found it fascinating how the trend to stay close to your ethnic group continues from a long history it has. Even nowadays, there are “bubbles” of ethnic groups within even just Southern California. There are many groups consisting of and not limited to: Hispanics, Romanians, Russian, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, and myriad others. Public healthcare in general, even in Europe, was never something that was highly sought after. Ethnic groups tended to one another because of the similar religious or cultural values the individuals shared with one another. One of the reasons why many European, Jewish, and Asian minority groups migrated to the United States was for the opportunity to seek what they had been limited to have in their previously lived in countries. For better opportunities for future generations, sacrifices have been made. The ethnic groups which migrated to the San Francisco area made a difficult decision in leaving behind comforts to live in freedom and opportunity for generations to come.

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