2019 Mini Podium Presentations in Alphabetical Order by Primary Author

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Can Telemedicine be Used for Adolescent Post-Operative Knee Arthroscopy Follow Up?

Kathy Abel, DNP, CRNP, and Terri Giordano, DNP, CRNP

Mentoring: An Odyssey of Relationship Building and Self-Discovery

Rebecca A. Bates, DNP, APRN, and M. Rod Kresge, DNP, APRN

Designing a Telehealth Program in Primary Care for Opioid Use Disorder

Katherine J. Coulter, DNP, APRN, and Mary Hintzsche, DNP, APRN

Earlier Identification of Sepsis in the Pre-hospital Setting

Katherine J. Coulter, DNP, APRN, and Mary Hintzsche, DNP, APRN

Screening for Adolescent Eating Disorders in a School-Based Health Center using the SCOFF Questionnaire

Kelli Docman, DNP, APRN, JoAnn M. Peterson, DNP, APRN, Karen K. Trees, DNP, APRN, and Cara A. Busenhart, PhD, APRN

A “Capitol Hill” Immersion Experience: Boots on the Ground

Melody Eaton, PhD, RN, Linda Hulton, PhD, RN, and Jeannie Scruggs Garber, DNP, RN

The State of the State with DNP Projects: An Integrative Review

Joanne Fletcher, EdD, RN, Kerry Milner, DNSc RN, Margie Sipe DNP, RN, and Rene Love, PhD, DNP

Supporting Health Policy through a Breastfeeding Curriculum for Nursing Education

Catherine Folker-Maglaya, DNP, APRN, Maureen E. Pylman, PhD, and Penny R. Marzalik, PhD, APRN

Patient Outcomes and Parental Satisfaction After Office Frenotomy

Terri Giordano, DNP, Brooke Jaquith, MSN, Betsey Kim, MSN, and Ashley Williams, MSN

Transforming Your Student’s Passion into Policy Impact Which Improves Healthcare Outcomes

Catherine Johnson, PhD, APRN, and Mary C. Loughran, DNP, RN

Policy Analysis as a DNP Project

Janet Jones, DNS, APRN

Effectiveness of Early Intervention and Electronic Interventions for Teens with Risk Factors for the Development of Heart Disease and Diabetes

Lorena Jung, PhD, RN, Elizabeth Courts, DNP, FNP, Pamela Webber, PhD, RN, and Pearl Zhou, PhD, RN

Mentoring Doctor of Nursing Practice Scholarly Projects

Karen Kesten, DNP, APRN, Kelley Anderson, PhD, APRN, Krista White, PhD, RN, and Jane Fall-Dickson, PhD, RN

Assessment of Military Healthcare Providers Cultural Competence: A Pilot Project within a Tertiary Care Medical Facility with Policy Advancement

Marguerite R. Lawrence, DNP, FNP, Sarah Gravel, DNP, APRN, Aimee Vael, DNP, FNP, and Gwendolyn G. Miller, DNP, APRN

Assessing Vaccine Hesitancy In a Catholic-Centered Primary Care Clinic

Natalie McHugh, DNP, CPNP, and Jan Odiaga, DNP, CPNP

Identified Interventions to Increase Patient Satisfaction and “The Bottom Line”

Marilyn D. McBride, DNP, RN, Kelli K. Cleveland, DNP, FNP, Kelly S. Johnson, DNP, RN, and Shellye A. Vardaman, PhD, RN

Hospital-Based Policy to Prevent Maternal Smoking

Sandra Priest, DNP, NP, Sharron Forest, DNP, NP

Telemedicine SQUARED!

Kelly Rotondo, DNP, RN

Telehealth for Diabetes Education

Amanda Sylvester, DNP, APRN

Improving the Prior Authorization Process

Susy Varghese, DNP, FNP, and Sharron Forest, DNP, NP

Importance of Health Policy in the DNP Project

Tracy Vitale, DNP, RN, and Molly J. Bradshaw, DNP, APRN

An Approach for Improving Engagement in Health Policy Among Acute Care Nurse Practitioner/ DNP Students

Alicia Williams, DNP, CRNP, Ameera Chakravarthy, MS, CRNP, Maranda Jackson-Parkin, PhD, CRNP, and Shannon Idzik, DNP, ANP