Doctors of Nursing Practice National Conference
Podium Presentation Requirements

Podium and Panel Presentation Requirements

All Breakout Session Podium and Plenary Session Panelist presenters will be have 45-50 minutes for the presentation and 10-15 minutes for questions and answers. Laser pointers will not be provided so please bring your own if you would like to use one. All Power Point (PPT) must be submitted via email to no later than the deadline listed in the invitation letter. Sorry, but modifications cannot be made after that deadline, nor will any podium presenter be able to upload their presentation during the conference.

Tips for Power Point Podium Presentations (Best Practice Recommendations):

  • Please have a copy of your Power Point submitted no later than July 15, 2016. If this is not received as scheduled you will not be able to present.
  • All presenters (breakout session podium presenters, panelists, and poster presenters) must register for the full conference. A discounted rate is available. Failure to register forfeits your presentation.
  • A block of rooms has been reserved for this conference at a discounted rate until sold out.
  • Evaluations by conference attendees will be electronic. After completion of the evaluation process, a Certificate of Attendance will be immediately accessible to the registrant. Feedback information will be compiled and send to each presenter (podium, panel and poster).
  • The presenter must provide any handouts. The conference organizers will not provide copies of handouts for conference attendees.
  • Internet access may not be available for presentations. Do not rely on access to the Web for your presentation.

Hints for Presentations:

  • The title of the conference must appear on the first slide.
  • Simple graphs, charts and diagrams are much more meaningful to an audience than complex, cluttered ones. Keep visuals CLEAR and SIMPLE.
  • Use a minimum of words for text and title frames. Five to eight lines per frame and five to seven words per line are the maximum – less is better.
  • Vary the size of lettering to emphasize headings and subheadings – but avoid using more than three font sizes per frame.
  • Keep color scheme consistent throughout your presentation. Changing colors and type styles can be very confusing and distract from your message.
  • Most effective background colors – blue, turquoise, purple, magenta. Use a dark background color with lighter color for text and graphics. Avoid intensely bright or saturated colors that compete with the text. You can never go wrong with black on white or white or yellow on dark blue.
  • The background should be just a background. Patterned backgrounds may decrease visibility of the printed word. The background should enhance the foreground data.
  • In addition to the use of graphics, photographs can provide an excellent means for communication.
  • Check each slide in a similar room with similar equipment before your presentation. (Conference rooms will be equipped with computers and LCD projectors).
  • We will not be able to retrieve information sent to us before the conference, such as a copy of your presentation, abstract material, objectives, etc. We suggest that you bring a backup for your review as desired.
  • Prepare for questions and answers.
  • When asked a question during your presentation, repeat the question so that the entire audience knows the question assuring that it is recorded along with your response.
  • All podium presentations will be recorded, so please be sure to speak into the microphone and help to assure that all audience questions are also recorded.
  • Keep to the allotted time (45-50 minutes for presentation, 10-15 minutes for questions and answers). A volunteer will provide timing cues to keep you on track.

The conference organizers are honored to have you and your colleagues present at this year’s Doctor of Nursing Practice conference. We hope that the above recommendations are helpful in your preparation.