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Nurses are human beings, so our personal experiences and biases naturally influence our relationships and profession. Additionally, we work in health care systems that have evolved over centuries within the context of racism in the United States: systemic and institutional practices, policies, and laws that have directly disadvantaged others because of their race or national origin. As a result, racial biases exist in every aspect of nursing.

These reports explore how racism shows up in our profession. We invite you to read each document with an open mind and heart, and with the empathy and thirst for knowledge that define excellence in nursing. How might this information influence you and your nursing practice? How might it be fuel for improving our profession, and the health, educational, and social systems in which we engage and work?

See this valuable information provided by the American Nurses’ Association: CLICK HERE

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This article expands on racism in nursing education. BIPOC nurses face racism even before being in a clinical setting. The article mentions how BIPOC nurses are usually discouraged from pursuing […]

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This report centers the experiences of nurses of color in U.S. history and how structural and systemic racism have hindered access to educational and professional opportunities as well as institutional […]

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