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Speaking from my own experience, so far I really.do see a value to my post graduate education in nursing. In my journey in getting my DNP-PMHNP I feel like I view nursing from a fresh and even more humble perspective. There is so much to the field of nursing, which can be hard to take in from the perspective of floor nurses. In my career I have played a variety of roles in nursing, so I do believe this helped transition to learning to become an APRN. The various competencies and essentials you highlighted really did give me a good understanding of the value of the APRN, even giving me more motivation on the oath ahead of me in my education. There is a component of adaptation for sure, but I also feel as every nurse at any level has to be good at adapting to overcome. This will especially benefit many of the future DNPs in the coming years, especially as most of the old guard in nursing are now facing retirement. It will be on those of us who take up the challenge now to see it through, expanding the field of nursing which is ever growing and evolving.