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It is very unfortunate to still see racism nowadays. Just as the first article mentioned, racisms assaults the human spirit in the form of biases, prejudices, and an ideology of superiority which persistently causes moral suffering and perpetuates injustices and inequities. I understand that racism was critical back in the day, but I think it’s time that we all understand that every human being is the same. Yes, white people constitute the majority of the population in this country. However, there are many other races living in this country as well. I am one of them. When COVID first broke out, many Asians despite whatever race had to be criticized just because of the fact that the virus started in China. There were many rages and protests regarding anti-Asian. But that wasn’t our fault. I believe that nobody in this world has the right to discriminate anyone just because of their race. As people who work in healthcare, we should treat everyone the same. We shouldn’t forget that the patients are not any different from who we are. I agree with you, Amyela, that it is vital to educate others regarding the seriousness of racism.